I do believe in fairies!

I do believe in fairies!

I went through my garden, and under the leaves,
I found this odd creature, that smiles with ease.

She carried a white rabbit with a nose as pink as a rose,
She stepped through the damp moss on the tip of her toes.

I took a picture fast of her before she was gone,
So I can admire her existence after I’m done.

I’m still blinking with my childish eyes,
“I do believe in fairies!” – I shouted through cries.


A Day trip to Andy’s Orchard



June was very productive month, and I found great places to pick fresh fruits.  Enjoy my wordless photo reportage from Andy’s Orchard. Owner, Andy created amazing place with his trees. In the past years I can’t find better place with so many varieties. This Orchard is located in Morgan hill, and if you by chance is driving by, make sure to stop and pick some fresh fruits. You will not be disappointed. I took quite few pictures for my future art work.

We had first few rains and I started to miss hot summer days. Very soon I will post my pictures about apple picking, because they are in season now.











andy's 92

andy's 93

andy's 94

Day 14: Fairytale

“The Stolen sun” or “The Day the Crocodile Stole the Sun” – is Russian pop-tale written by Korney Ivanovich Chukhovsky.  It was written in darkest hours of World War II.  The whole concept of this children story- was so odd to me…

How can you steel something so stable and eternal, that gives life to all organisms? In this fairy tale everything is possible…


I decided to draw – Queen Nefertiti, Tel el-Amarna 1360 B.C.

I admired her as a young girl.

We had so few written manuscripts about her that most mythological stories sounds like a fairytale.

Life of previous generations are priceless for all of us!

It is a source of  our inspirations. We learn about their triumphs and failures, and above all we can pass this knowledge to our children.


Day 12: Recent accomplishment

It took me almost 4 month to complete this work…

I’m so ecstatic to share with you my work.


Outline is done in two golden tones.


Layer by layer colors were added to these 4 glass panels. This paint, Pebeo Vitrail , don’t have to be baked in the oven.  Pieces can be assembled within 48 hours, once they are dry.

From my experience, be  very careful with “citron lemon” – yellow transparent color, it will melt any colors underneath if they are not dry completely.


Later on, I will take more pictures of this lantern with candles inside, so you can see dramatic transformation from day light.

I have to admit – it is stunning!

Day 11: Turning point – Four alarm blaze leaves 150 homeless

Fire is your worst night mare!

It is a paralyzing feeling to see your whole family in shock and watching your apartment burn to ashes within 4 to 5 hours.

I was at work, when my father came to my office and just sat very quietly in the waiting area. The minute I saw him, I knew something serious was going on. He just said to me: “Everything will be OK! Don’t worry! Your Mother and children are all safe in the car now.”  I ran outside to see them, and I can’t describe how little by little my whole ground started to shake.

A little earlier… My older daughter heard the fire alarm first, and alarmed everyone in our family – Grandma, Grandpa and her younger sister. My Mom decided to take her documents with her, which saved us from a lot of trouble and took my younger daughter. My older daughter, just took off… as she was trained in elementary school. My Father had no choice, but to follow her, watching all the metal doors slam behind him.  All of them took the side stairs from our second floor, and came to my work. By that time the smoke and fire was visible from both sides of the apartment complex.

The minute my Mom saw me, she started to cry… I was still in denial. We went back and there was no doubts, that all of us were on the streets. The fire spread right before our eyes… I could just hear new fire engines coming.

I took my family away from the scene, so we could discuss what to do next.

The newspapers wrote the next day that all residents were being placed in a temporary shelter, but I can tell you that we waited till late in the night and no one was offered water or a blanket.  I can’t depend on others when I have two exhausting children and elderly parents.  I started to call around…

I was so fortunate to have a friend who took all of us under his wing. The girls fell asleep right away, while all of us had a late night discussion.

That night, it was my turning point in life… I took a couple days off work, so I could collect my thoughts. People who I never knew offered their help. The Red Cross came the next morning with temporary help. At least we could stay at a shelter for three days… My Mom had a stroke after a few days and I was still in college finishing my last semester.

When it rains, it pours? No, I was overflown by the circumstances. I was beyond my comfort zone. I closed myself of in the hotel’s shower, while the girls were sleeping on my bed and prayed… I had no power for anything else, I can’t cry, I can’t breathe… I had 4 people to take care of besides me.

The next day started with sunshine. I continued going to work, the girls went back to school… I found a new apartment for us to move in. We slept on a carpeted floor with nothing in it, but we were so happy that we had each other during this difficult time.

I learned an important lesson – I can “eat” an elephant in one bite, but not alone!

elephant 1

I still can’t thank enough all those anonymous people who donated their furniture, clothes, toys, and food to all of us and many others like us.

Thank you, but most of all I thank all my family and friends who helped me to survive through this turmoil!

Day 10: Chocolate, please!

Today’s drawing challenge is all about candies.

I can’t pass a stand with Ferrero Rocher’s chocolates. I love them in Christmas, I share them with friends, and they are always ready for my family’s treats.

What is your favorite candy?

Who don’t know me, I can tell you a little story… My grandmother, Polina – was excellent chef. All her recipes she passed to my Mother. She treasured them until she could share them with us, her daughters. One of this recipe I will pass on to you… I had a chocolate business for a year, until I decided to quite and stay at home with my third child.  Some day I will continue my journey as a chocolatier.  All recipes are based on all natural ingredients.


 “Chocolate Truffles”

Ingredients needed:

1 cup – Heavy cream (I used organic only)

14 oz. – Dark Chocolate ( use the best quality , you can find… 70% unsweetened)

8 oz. – additional Dark Chocolate to add for tempering, I will explain later.

1 1/2 cups – Cocoa Powder (the highest quality you can find)

3 tbsp. Butter – it is optional.

Preparation time: 30 minutes

How to make a Ganache (batter):

1. Break 14 oz. of chocolate into small pieces and put them in large bowl.

2. Bring Heavy cream slowly to light boil.

3. Pour boiling heavy cream over chocolate and keep stirring until all the chocolate has melted and batter is homogeneous.

4. If you want to add a butter, do so now, before your batter cools or thickens.

This batter is called Ganache. It is a base for all French truffles.

You want the ganache to be think enough to easily form the truffle balls. You can speed thickening process by putting ganache in the refrigerator for 5-10 minutes.

Forming truffles: 

1. You can use two spoons to form even and round balls. Place them on wax paper.

2. Melt the rest of the chocolate in a double boiler.

3. Dip each ball in the melted chocolate and then roll them in the cocoa powder.

You can enhance your recipe with endless variations of dips – nuts, coconut, hint of kosher salt, bacon pieces, dry fruits… paprika powder instead of cocoa powder…

Flavor palette is all up to you!



Day 8 and 9: Animated and TV characters

“Mickey Mouse” 

I was fascinated by Walt Disney animations since I was 10 years old. One of my friends shared a very small book with me, about his legacy, with very few pictures in it. I drew all night long just to capture all the possible images. Later after 6 years, I was able to find a decently used good book with Disney’s characters.

Here is my absolute favorite – Mickey Mouse.

Mickey’s first appearance in “Steamboat Willie”, was in 1928.

Now he is a mature gentleman in our 21st century.

I still love to draw him.

mickey 2

“Breaking bad” – Walter White. 

Recently we discovered a new TV show to watch at night when our children are in their beds. It is addicting. 🙂 We watched the 4th season through a whole night. I can tell you: “Don’t do it!” That was so crazy… I can’t wait to see other seasons, when they will be available on Netflix. There is a very well developed dialog with a great sense of humor. I like how story is being told in small episodes and then it will return the viewer to the finally totally surprised.

This is my vision of Mr. White. 🙂

breaking bad 1

Keep calm


wait for

“Breaking Bad”!

Japanese embroidery – Sashiko

I have a little treat for your eyes. Sashiko is a form of stitching in Japan. There are three styles of embroidery that exists today. I will introduce you to Sashiko embroidery with this simple project.

Materials needed:

1. cotton indigo fabric,

2. cotton thread for sashiko,

3. sashiko needles,

4. transfer paper.

You can use embroidery transfer pencil, or this transfer fabric in order to transfer your images.

This is how it looks when your image is on a clear fabric.

Use embroidery pencil to outline each stitch. We have several rules to follow, but I can teach them in more details in our master class.

This is how your fabric will look like after 3 rounds of stitching.

Let’s continue!

This is what you get at the end of your stitching. As you can see very few knots you will have in your project.  Some threads we just do a back stitching.

It is time to iron your finished work.

This is the final result of your work.